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Grant Writing

What is grant-writing?

Grant-writing should more appropriately be referred to as "proposal writing," since what the writer is doing is submitting a proposed project for funding. Typically, these requests will include several parts - information on the organization, a statement of need, a proposed solution (the project), goals and objectives of the project and a budget. These parts will normally be fitted into a specific format, based upon the funder's guidelines. 

Why should my organization be seeking grants?

There are about 34,000 foundations in America and innumerable corporate foundations and corporations that will provide funding - for the right proposal. Also, there is federal, state and local funding available - for the right proposal. Many United Ways and community organizations have also instituted grant-writing processes.

Diversified funding is important for every nonprofit organization. By not applying for any grants, your organization may be missing out on significant funding as well as the opportunity to do some wonderful programs to serve your constituents.

What services are available?

I offer both grant-writing workshops and grant-writing services. My workshops are either one or two days in length. My workshops focus on: project development, funding research, guideline analysis and proposal development. My grant-writing services free up you and your staff to work while program development and implementation while I find the funding sources for your project and/or write the proposal for you. 1999-2003