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I offer the following services for nonprofit organizations, staff and volunteers:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Fundraising Consulting and Training
  • Proposal Writing and Grants Expertise
  • Customized Workshops in proposal-writing, fundraising and nonprofit management
  • One-on-One Coaching Services for executive directors, board presidents, development directors new to the field, and individuals interested in transferring their skills from the for-profit world to that of nonprofits

Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning may be characterized as a continuous process that enables an organization to determine where it wants to go in the future and how it systematically wants to get there. When done properly, strategic planning encompasses a careful examination of (1) the purpose(s) of the organization, (2) the environment in which it operates, (3) what it hopes to accomplish, and (4) the resources available to achieve these goals. From this, it then is possible to set out well-defined plans, activities, time lines, and budgets. A strategic plan typically includes an evaluation component to determine how effective the organization has been in setting its directions and whether any "mid-course" adjustments are necessary.

Why Should Your Organization Do Strategic Planning?

Why is planning so important for an organization? Planning is both an outcome and a process. In fact, the process of planning is at least as important as the plan itself.

Planning determines the focus - where you are going - and it outlines your strategies for getting there. Planning ensures that the organization is meeting a community need. Planning also helps you monitor your progress along the way, determining how you are going to achieve your goals. It strengthens your accountability, declaring who is to do what, and provides a foundation for management.

Finally, planning positions your organization to maximize success.

What services are available?

A strategic planning retreat is a recommended activity for an organization every 2-4 years. A strategic planning retreat will gain commitment from staff and volunteers, establish priorities, develop plans and reassess mission.

My retreat package includes a planning session with key staff and volunteers, the retreat itself and a written report summarizing the retreat and offering consultant recommendations. I facilitate each retreat so it is interactive, high energy, and focused to achieve realistic goals.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Fundraising Consulting and Training

What is Fundraising?

Fundraising is more than securing contributions from donors. It is an integral part of an organization's daily operation as well as being central to the short and long-range planning processes of any nonprofit organization. The patterns of the past, the priorities of the present, and the potential of the future are taken into consideration in the development of an integrated development plan.

Fundraising should be diverse and road, including funding from individual supporters, corporate contributors, foundations, fees or sales, planned giving, and special events.

Why Should Your Organization Actively Fundraise?

"My organization does not have financial difficulty. We receive generous donations from our current long-term supporters."

"I hate fundraising…and have so many day-to-day matters to attend to at my organization. Our board members hate asking for money, too!"

An integrated development program is crucial for every organization. An organization can not rely on one primary donor forever - it is too risky. Also, a broad pool of donors is an inducement to potential donors - thus, increasing revenues and money for your organization's work.

What services are available?

My services are designed to meet an organization's specific needs - on a one-time/project basis, on an as-needed basis or on a monthly retainer. Normally, an organization contracts with me for projects such as: conducting a feasibility study, writing a case statement, locating a pool of potential funders for a specific project, providing board training in solicitation, or handling all day-to-day duties required to maintain present funding. 1999-2003