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Project Evaluation

What is Project Evaluation?

Project evaluation is a measured review of the outcome of your project's goals/objectives. In recent years, both public and private funding have become less methods-focused and more results-focused. The questions "Did you change what you said you would change?" and "Did you make a difference?" are being asked, and the answers examined. Project evaluations are being used to plan for the future by funders, boards, executive directors, program staff and government officials.

What are the Benefits of Project Evaluation to Your Organization?

The phrase "project evaluation" normally evokes either a groan or a look of bewilderment from those involved in the day-to-day management of a program's activities. Visions are conjured up of massive amounts of paper and spreadsheets. Other times, the reply is, "Our program is successful, but there' s no way to evaluate it!" Indeed, seldom can we be absolutely certain a change was brought about by a specific program. 

The most important issue in many programs is not simply "does it work?" but rather "what happened?" Managers in organizations need systematic ways to determine what is going on and whether or not a certain program is achieving its desired ends. The ultimate objective of an evaluation is to help decision- makers develop the best program possible.

What services are available?

My evaluative services are specifically tailored to meet your organization's needs. Whether a formative or summative evaluation is done, the goal will be to develop a final published product for your organization's future use and/or for use with current and prospective funders. 1999-2003